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The moment you walk into our space you will feel right at home as the energy of those that make this place a home fill your cup in a different way. Our highly skilled teachers will each guide you through the practice in a safe and sustainable way while always keeping you in mind. The tools you will learn, as you continue to show up on your mat will be there for you to use in all aspects of your life as the yoga practice becomes a way of living.  We are a community of people that care about living our highest vibration.  We refine ourselves with the supreme yoga tools through daily classes, workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, Vedic Astrology, wisdom talks, and community.  



Check out our extensive schedule to find a class that best fits your style. We offer classes for yogis beginning their practice as well as classes for those looking for a challenge. 



Our amazing introductory deal of four classes for $49 will allow you to take classes with all our teachers and try out everyone’s different styles.



After the four weeks of unlimited yoga, we have several options to continue the yoga! Contact us for more info regarding our memberships! 



Not only do we have an extensive amount of classes, but we also offer workshops in which students get to learn more about yoga. wellness, meditation, and much more!



At Lighthouse Yoga and Wellness, we value our sangha (community). We are always here to support our community in connection, transformation, and healing.

Balance Body & Mind

Yoga and Meditation work together to find balance on and off the mat.  Through yoga and meditation, mindfulness and awareness become clear and finding it off the mat becomes simpler.

Meditation Practice

At Lighthouse Yoga and Wellness, we value the time we set aside for meditation. Catch us Sunday mornings for a Sadhana Meditation.

4 Classes for $49

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About the Founder Claire Zovko

Sattva Yoga & Meditation Master Teacher,

Vedic Astrologer, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra

It was by chance that Claire walked into a Bikram yoga class while Visiting New York City in 2003. As a former collegiate basketball player, she instantly fell in love with the novel challenge of yoga. It was not long after beginning yoga that she noticed this harmonious balance between flexibility and strength which improved her other athletic pursuits along the way. This change inspired her to deepen her yoga practice after completing law school. In 2010, Claire became a certified 200-Hour Power Vinyasa RYT. Spreading the peace, freedom, and joy that yoga brought to her she began by teaching community yoga classes with One Yoga Foundation in parks all throughout the county of Miami-Dade. In 2013, she completed an additional 200-Hour Raja Yoga Teacher Training at 305 Yoga and Outreach. This exposed her to a whole realm of additional yoga lineages such as; Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Skanda. In 2014, Claire became certified in Yin Yoga at the Urban Bliss School of Yoga which shifted and brought upon wholeness to her practice. In 2016, she became certified in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Reis. This inspired and guided meditation practice revealed to her the incredible power to transform, heal and rejuvenate her body at the deepest levels. This left her inspired to learn more which led her to Rishikesh, India where she completed her 300-Hour Sattva Yoga Teacher Training under Anand Mehrotra in 2016.  This is where her practice came full circle and taught her the incredible life changing power of moving subtle energy within the body. 

Claire is a lifelong student and has continued to travel to India ten times over the last five years to study and take numerous master trainings at Sattva Yoga Academy, ride through the Himalayas on a motorcycle with her teacher Anand, learn Vedic Astrology, and teach at the annual Sattva Summit yoga festival.  Yoga has taught her the beautiful union of power and grace in all areas of her life. This has influenced her inspiration of guiding her students through a series of stimulating asanas and deep relaxation. Claire seeks to share this balance of the body, mind, and spirit to inspire others to live in gratitude for the present moment on this incredible journey of life.  

Claire is a Co-Author of Awakening of the Divine Feminine: 18 Stories of Healing, Inspiration, and Empowerment (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1733392327) and the host of the Light on Being podcast.  

Our  Teachers


Studio Manger, Teacher

Rasa is a Miami native who has been part of the Lighthouse Sangha since 2016.  Growing up an athlete, Rasa took to yoga quite easily as she truly enjoys the fun in practicing.  Moving on the mat reminded her of when she was a child.  After two years of continued practice, she met her teacher who sparked an interest to go deeper into her studies.  Since then with the support of her teacher, and the Lighthouse community, her spiritual journey began to unfold.  In 2018, Rasa earned her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification and completed her 300-hour yoga teacher training the following year.  Rasa has learned and continues to learn each day how important it is to be fully present both on and off the mat.  Through years of her practice, the old saying "the way you do one thing is the way you do everything" continues to validate itself through her life's experiences.  Practicing tools and techniques such as meditation, breathwork, kriya, and asana,  Rasa has experienced a shift in her life that has ignited her passion for the integrated yoga practice. Passed down from teacher to sincere student, Rasa seeks to be a vessel through which any person can experience the same healing within through evolutionary action.



Sattva Yoga Master Teacher

Wes has been a sincere seeker since a young age, practicing and studying yoga for the last ten years. In 2016, he took his first teacher training in Rishikesh India at Sattva Yoga Academy. Since then he has traveled back to the Himalayas every year diving deeper into the sacred teachings with the intention to share the practice that has changed his being with you. He is a entrepreneur at heart striving to create experiences to add value to others with all of his endeavors. He grew up in Virginia Beach VA as a lover of nature and the ocean. Yoga has provided the tools for evolution in every aspect of his life. In turn, Wes seeks to share this gift every opportunity he can. Join him on the mat for a challenging and transcendent experience full of gratitude.

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Karen ‘Kitty”

Sattva Yoga Master Teacher

Karen “Kitty” Stinson is an International Flight Attendant for a major U.S. Airline. She was the featured employee in the May 2018 issue of the World’s Largest Airlines Inflight Magazine, and she described it as one of the greatest honors of her life.  Adopted from Seoul, Korea as a four month old infant, she feels her life is a GIFT, and was given to her to live purposefully and to serve others.

Yoga has slowly transformed her body from the outside to the inside. In 2004, at the age of 45, she was introduced to yoga by her personal trainer in Dallas, Texas and started her physical practice with Bikram Yoga. She volunteered for over three years at Omega Workshops, where she was able to meet and practice with world-renowned Yoga Teachers.

In 2014, she made a commitment and completed the 200-Hour Teacher Training with 305 Yoga, where she met Claire Zovko.  She has studied with and taught Kids Yoga alongside, International YogaMusic Founder and Creator, Cynthia Zak. Karen traveled with the Airline Ambassadors from 2014 - 2016 on Mission Trips around the world introducing yoga and mindfulness to Orphanages and teaching to the volunteers and staff.  In 2016, she completed a 300-Hour Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, the birth place of yoga, and a Master Level Training the same year, both with Visionary Master Teacher, Anand Mehrotra, the Founder of Sattva Yoga Academy. Her love of the sacred teachings keeps her traveling back to the source year after year. 

Karen is passionate about sharing these transformational yoga practices with all ages and enthusiastically teaches from an abundant heart of gratitude.  She teachers weekly Himalayan Kriya Journeys and Workshops at Lighthouse Yoga and Wellness.




​Gladys is a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, healer, and provider.  While in college in 2000, she first met yoga through a course. It was new and different from the fast-paced workouts she had previously always done. It was not until 2013 that she considers when she officially became a yogi; even though she did not realize it at the time. She was always consistent with exercise, whether it was through dancing, swimming, aerobics. She realized yoga was different with many layers. It started with the very physical sensation of stretching and sweating. That went on for years as she practiced Bikram and Vinyasa yoga. Then came the spiritual component. It seeped in slowly until her teacher training experience. Then it was like a complete explosion. Universal truths. She started to experience many realizations about the world, as she knew it. Now she feels privileged to share what she has learned with the community. She is excited that she can hold space, in a new way, for anyone who walks through the Lighthouse Yoga & Wellness doors.

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For Joel, yoga is the culmination of a lifelong journey towards wholeness. Raised in Miami, his story begins with a call to a deeper and fuller spiritual life. Having received his degree in Religious Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, Joel’s journey led him to yoga as he was entering recovery from substance abuse. Within the technology that is yoga, he experienced a profound sense of healing and community that utterly changed his life. It was his big “Aha!” Moment and what began as a way to de-stress and reconnect with his body, transformed into the latest step of his spiritual journey. With this passion, came the desire to learn as much as possible and to give back to the community that had provided him with a sacred healing space. In September of 2019, Joel had the incredible opportunity of traveling to India and train in the tradition and lineage of the great Himalayan masters, learning how yoga is not only an exercise of the body, but of the mind and spirit as well. He now looks forward to giving back, supporting others on their own spiritual evolutionary path. He believes that yoga meets you where you are at, that it is infinitely adaptable, and that if you have the courage to try, it can radically change your life.

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Abby was lead to yoga from injury.  She had developed a back condition and could no longer continue practicing ballet or gymnastics.  This was when she found yoga.  She loves that yoga is demanding and fun.  Yoga gave her the ability to move in a safer manner that was not as harmful to her back.  Three years ago, life drew her to Lighthouse Yoga and Wellness and she was welcome with open arms into our Sangha (community) with so much love.  The draw of yoga kept getting stronger and this inspired her to go deeper into the ancient practices.  In the summer of 2019, she completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Lighthouse.  She is inspired to share the yoga teacher as it is a calling of her heart.  She feels heartfelt purpose to serve and take care of people.  Through seva (service) she has been able to hold space for people, connect, and guide students in a loving, caring, challenging, and exciting manner.  She is fluent in Spanish and English.  In her classes, there may be a little bit of both mixed in.  

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Jenny has learned to align and balance her life through yoga.  She used to sit and watch all the yogis practice yoga.  At that time, she was hesitant and did not believe yoga was for her.  In 2017, she started practicing yoga on the weekends in the park and quickly she wanted more.  A benign tumor forced her to leave her job.  This unexpected event allowed her to explore yoga with her free time.  After just a few yoga sessions, she returned to the doctor and was informed that the tumor was gone.  She was self-healing through the yoga practices.  In 2020, she finally surrendered, and answered her calling to join yoga teacher training.  This immersive experience rooter her in the ancient practices.  Now the foundation of her life is yoga and meditation.  Every day she steps on the mat, she is still healing, learning, and growing. Through the practice, she has learned to balance in being a REALtor, a loving wife, and a mindful mother.  Jenny loves to read, listen to music and be at the beach for sunrise or sunset.  Join her for a powerful journey to reset, recharge, and be empowered.  In her class, you will connect with the mind, body and soul for an illuminating experience.




A cuban native, raised in Miami, Chayma was introduced to yoga in high school where she became fascinated with meditation and breath work. She loved attending the free meditation and yoga classes offered at her local library on Saturday mornings. It was there where she was introduced to authors like Brian Weiss and Dr. Wayne Dyer. After working for 15 years for Miami-Dade and Broward County Public Schools, Chayma felt the tug to reconnect with her self-practice. She stumbled into Lighthouse Yoga Studio to find her home away from home. While attending a workshop at Lighthouse, Chayma felt called to dive deeper into her practice by pursuing a 200-hour yoga teacher training. Through her training she relearned how to tune in to her body and breath. When she is not in self-practice, she is an academic coach for teens helping them shatter any perceived barriers with their learning. Chayma loves to apply the wisdom of yoga in her academic sessions as well.

While she is teaching, be it in the academic classroom or the yoga studio, Chayma loves to create a space where people feel empowered and safe. She encourages students to free themselves of expectations and to softly let go. Chayma looks forward to supporting others on their own evolutionary path, and knows with conviction that showing up over and over for yourself will radically change your life.