4 Classes for $49

Empowered Vinyasa

A fun and enlightened experience. This high energy class delivers a fluid vinyasa experience with powerful movements. It is best suited to those with yoga experience, or those who are both up for a challenge. The room will be full of energy with a focus on building strength and personal power. All Levels.

Freedom Flow

An opening and revealing experience. Students can expect to be challenged not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Allow yourself to be open and willing to accept what is and let go of what was, to be in the present moment with each breath. All Levels.

Harmony Flow

Explore the duality of Yin and Yang. Awaken your spirit. This class offers an inviting flow with invigorating movements and longer holds to bring balance within. Then, melt in to your mat as you experience inner peace.  All Levels.


Deep Stretch & Meditation (Yin Yoga)

Unwind in this class combining floor-based asana, guided breath work and various styles of meditation. From restorative and yin poses, we will prepare the body and mind to find stillness and close with meditation techniques including visualization. The goal of this class is to help both the mind and body shed any residual stress of the day and connect to your senses and the moment. Promoting steady sleep and a grounded start to the following day, this class is appropriate for all levels of practice.


Community Donation Based Class

This Community Class is led by a new teacher who has recently graduated from our Yoga Teacher Training! The class will offer on an alignment-based & breath-centered practice. This is a great opportunity to experience community and service. 


All donations support the Wakatinku Foundation that funds children, schools, and basic necessities in the Peruvian Andes.


Experience the depth of who you are through powerful breath techniques.

Himalayan Kriya Flow

Himalayan Kriya Flow is a journey into self through pranayama, kriya, asana, laya, and freedom movement. Every class is unique and set to music and a theme - flowing and shifting energy in the body, mind and spirit. Himalayan Kriya Flow offers a space experience the authentic power of oneself while flowing in grace among effort and ease, stillness and movement, compassion and radical aliveness.

Himalayan Kriya Journey

The word Sattva means truth, balance, and wholeness. Himalayan Kriya is ancient and fresh at the same time. It is at the core of who we truly are. Sattva Yoga works with Kriya energy to generate electricity. Kriyas combine repetitive movements through mudras, mantras, and pranayama to create a moving meditation, that helps facilitate evolution in the body, mind, and spirit. The Sattva practice can awaken and transform, leading to greater harmony, expansion, and liberation. There are no levels in Sattva Yoga. Rather, each class welcomes each student to arrive as they are, listen to the needs of their bodies and minds in any given moment, and enjoy

Puja: Sacred Rituals - Love Offerings

Puja is a sacred ritual that opens you to a state of receptivity, receptive to the flow of grace, which is ever present. This devotional practice welcomes the new day, using mantra to connect with all of the elements of nature, while honoring self, the teachers and teachings, past and present.

Sadhana Meditation

Sadhana meditation is time and space for a personal meditation practice. This class will be unguided. From the moment you arrive, please hold silence the until the end of meditation. The front door will be promptly locked at at the beginning of meditation. Arrive 5 mins early to set up your comfortable seat. Join in our sangha (community) to meditate together and start your week off with a gift to yourself.

This meditation is included in membership for all members. For all others, please leave a donation in the box on the counter.

Wisdom Talk

Every other week, Claire will share a wisdom talk in Satsang. Satsang means to gather in truth. Beings have been gathering for thousands of years in community with a purpose of growth and evolution. The Satsang is for those who are genuinely drawn to Self-exploration with a sincere and wholehearted commitment to expansion. The topics will vary each week, depending on the need of the hour.  This is a time to come together in community in support of discovering the innate nature of who you truly are. 

Yoga in the Park - At Miami Lakes Picnic Park West

*Returns in Fall 2020*  Yoga in the Park is back! In partnership with the Town of Miami Lakes, we are love to share outdoor yoga with our community at Miami Lakes Picnic Park West (15151 NW 82nd Ave, Miami Lakes, FL 33016). Join us EVERY Saturday morning from 9-10am for Yoga in the Park. The class is open to all everyone and all levels. Bring friends, family, and a mat.

Hosted by Lighthouse Yoga & Wellness (6175 NW 153rd St, Miami Lakes, FL 33014). It is an honor to serve our community and share the transformational practice of yoga every weekend. This is a donation based yoga class.

Let's create space, peace, and love in the body, mind and heart as we connect with our breath, nature, and one another. See you on the mat.

4 Classesfor $49